Fizy: Simplistic Online Music Search Engine and Player

Fizy is probably the most simplistic and powerful online, browser-based music search engine with integrated music player I have seen yet. Just visit Fizy’s website, enter your favorite artist and start playing the tracks it finds. If there is a video available for the track it will play that as well.

Signing up is not necessary, but if you do you will have some extra features at your disposal like creating playlists, scrobbling tracks to and enabling an RSS feed that keeps track of the music you have played.

Information about the website is sparse. There is a Wikipedia entry that tells us that the site was created by a couple of guys from Turkey in December 2008. About two years later in 2010 the site was blocked by the Turkish Phonographic Industry Society. It’s hard to tell if this website will have a bright future, but until then I’d say: have fun with it!

3 thoughts on “Fizy: Simplistic Online Music Search Engine and Player”

  1. Nice review ^^ It is true that it was banned in Turkey but Turkey even banned Youtube, and for more than a year. Here is also another review on the matter here:

    1. Thanks for your comment and for your link. Looks like we have about the same opinion about Fizy. 🙂

      I also read on your blog that you have been trying Spotify. To be honest: I love Spotify far more than Fizy. I have a paid subscription for over 2 years now. A few weeks ago I bought a Sonos ZonePlayer, which can use my Spotify subscription as well. So now I can stream Spotify tunes to my home theater system. Awesome!

      1. Ah, thanks for your visit 🙂
        I’ve also been a long time user of Spotify and I still think that it’s the best. But it just wouldn’t be fair when I try to share some music there with anyone else since it is kinda not free anymore. Especially if it is a huge playlist of mine ^^
        In any case I still use Spotify and probably would subscribe if I need its more delicate services in the future.

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