That Tiny Link on Every Page is Your Website’s Achilles Heel

According to Desi Matlock, any link you place on every page of your website is leaking the life blood out of your site. Those are your website’s Achilles heel.

But why you may ask? Visit the URL below to find out why. She explains it very clearly using a real-life business example.

Link : Desi Matlock – That Tiny Link on Every Page is Your Website’s Achilles Heel

Android App Tip: Visual Task Switcher

The following Android app was brought to my attention by Rachid, who maintains the blog DroidDen. Visual Task Switcher is a great app that gives you the ability to switch between running apps by pressing the Home key. Long-pressing an app will (force) stop the application.

Make sure you visit DroidDen for more Android tips and stories.

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Ilse DeLange signeert nieuwe album “Next To Me” bij FAME

Wat een drukte...! (Foto door @susiwan)

Op 26 augustus organiseerde FAME Megastore in Amsterdam een signeersessie met Ilse DeLange om de release van haar nieuwe album “Next To Me” te vieren; een dag voor de officiële release. Ruim drie weken geleden las ik hierover in de nieuwsbrief van FAME die ik in mijn mailbox ontving. Binnen tien minuten had ik mijn aanmelding verstuurd (leve de smartphone met mobiel Internet!) en de volgende dag kreeg ik bericht dat ik met een introducé op de gastenlijst stond. Kijk, daar wordt ik blij van!

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Recommended Listening: “To Infinity” by missFlag

In the “Recommended Listening” series on this blog I will write about bands and albums that are not too well-known but deserve more attention. Don’t expect elaborate reviews but short and to-the-point descriptions and characteristics of the bands and their music.

The first album I would like to present to you is the album “To Infinity” by missFlag: an alternative-rock-pop band from Jerusalem, Israel. I stumbled upon this band when browsing artists on MySpace and I immediately liked their sound. I ordered their album “To Infinity” right away and it has been a keeper ever since. Their style is related to Coldplay and Keane but these guys have definitely their own sound and quality that distinguishes them easily from both bands.

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A Detailed Opinion Piece on the Oracle vs. Google Lawsuit

People who are following the news on the big tech companies may have heard already about Oracle’s patent lawsuit against Google Android. I have read quite a few articles and blog posts on this subject and shared quite a few on my Twitter page in the last week.

One post by Daniel Eran Dilger on deserves special attention in my opinion. He knows what he is talking about when he carefully dissects every aspect of the lawsuit, the history of Google’s Android, the talks between Google and Sun, Apple’s and Microsoft’s position and lots more angles. Daniel explains everything in such a way that anyone is able to understand what’s happening. And if you want to know more details and delve deeper, then you can follow the links that are scattered around in the text.

Recommended reading!

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How Oracle might kill Google’s Android and software patents all at once

Another major war is exploding in the tech world, but alliances have shifted in interesting enough ways to ensure that this will be one of the most fascinating events ever to hit the technology world.

At issue is Oracle’s patent lawsuit against Google’s Android. Unless you look closely, this might sound like either a run of the mill patent shakedown or just an infringement case where Google will have to pay lots of money.


Getting Rickrolled on

In an earlier post I mentioned a blog post I found with tips on getting more productive and to focus better on the task you want (or have) to do. One of the tips in the article is to listen to lyric-free music so the lyrics won’t distract you. I figured that listening to some death metal qualifies as well since I don’t understand any of the lyrics these guys are singing, grunting or shouting.

So I fired up my player and selected the genre “Brutal Death Metal” to have some background noise while banging away on the keyboard to get some work done. You can imagine my surprise when after about 30 minutes I suddenly heard the intro of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. What. The. F*?|<!

See the screenshot below and notice the station.

Nice one, guys! 🙂

Two Important Reasons Why Android Developers Are Losing Money

In my previous post I asked your attention for Loic Le Meur’s opinion on what an average app developer can earn. The conclusion of that story is that for the majority of developers it’s not profitable enough (yet) to live from app development only. (For his detailed analysis, please refer to my previous post.)

Within 24 hours I stumbled upon a post at Royal Pingdom that is even more bad news for app developers. This time it is focused on the Android platform. According to the post, piracy levels are very high on the platform. But this is not the most important the Android developers are losing money.

Loic Le Meur’s Take on App Developer Earnings

People who are familiar with Seesmic, a company that is specialized in creating third party clients for Twitter, may have stumbled upon the name Loic Le Meur, the founder of Seesmic. Because Seesmic creates apps for all kinds of platforms, both desktop and mobile, I think that his opinion matters on this subject.

Recommended reading! (And don’t forget to check the comments for opinions of other people that operate in this business.)

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How much can you really make developing mobile apps?

There is a huge buzz around mobile applications and app stores such as the AppStore and the Android Market which look more and more as a new Eldorado. Of course everybody starts dreaming when an app like Angry Birds shares that 6.5 million units have been sold generating $4.5 million for the developers after Apple’s cut. But how many Angry Birds are there?


TeamViewer: My Program of Choice for Remote Access

Ever needed to connect to a different PC in your network for a remote session or to transfer some files? Or wished you could control the computer of a family member over the Internet without too much fuss because they called you for the umpteenth time for your much needed support? There are numerous applications to choose from that can support you doing these kind of tasks. One of them is TeamViewer, and I like it very much. It runs on all the major platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even on your iPhone or iPad.

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Tips for Better Productivity and Training to Focus

“How to Focus” is an interesting article with useful tips to help you focus better and train to lengthen your attention span.

Now everyone close your Twitter clients, shutdown your email, disconnect that second monitor and get to work!

Tips for Loyal Windows XP Users That Want to Stick with This OS for As Long As Possible

I was in the same camp actually as the audience this article is addressed to. My current opinion is: move to Windows 7 as soon as you can.

Or buy a Mac… 😉

Microsoft’s support for Windows XP may be fading, but a loyal horde of XP users plans to stick with this venerable OS for as long as possible.

If that’s your long-term goal, there are a number of steps you can take now to ensure a finely tuned XP system for months — possibly years — to come.

Link : Windows Secrets – Preparing Windows XP for the long haul