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postheadericon Adobe Demos Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Tool

The fact that Apple does not allow Flash on iOS devices is gradually becoming a problem for Adobe. Very slowly, sites are enhancing and updating their content to make it compatible with HTML5 so their rich content can be viewed on the Safari browser of the iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Creating HTML5 content is much harder currently than creating Flash content. Needless to say that engineer Rik Cabanier’s demo of a utility that converts a Flash file into an HTML5 webpage delivered him a huge round of applause at the Adobe MAX 2010 event.

Note that this is a tech demo, which does not promise implementation in the next version of Flash Designer. Anyway, we got an important glimpse of the direction Adobe is heading into.

Check out what engineer Rik Cabanier showed (just a tech demo, no promises, etc.) during MAX sneak peeks Tuesday night:


Are you surprised? Don’t be. As I’ve written many times, Adobe lives or dies by its ability to help customers solve real problems. That means putting pragmatism ahead of ideology.

Link : John Nack on Adobe – Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool

postheadericon OS X Tip: Prevent iTunes from Opening when Pressing Play/Pause Key

People that own a Mac and use Spotify must have noticed the same annoying behavior of iTunes as I did. When you press the Play/Pause key on your keyboard, not only will Spotify start/stop playback of your music, but iTunes will open and start playing music as well. I don’t know if Apple sees this as an intended feature of iTunes but what I do know is that it’s incredibly annoying to say the least.

After looking around for a while on the Internet for a solution I found a workaround that is very elegant and does not need any additional programs to be installed or any scripts to be run.

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postheadericon Remarkable: Many iPad Owners Are Only Using the Apps That Come with the Device

I just couldn’t believe this when I read it. So these people only use it for browsing, email, music and video? Okay, that’s already a bunch of features, but nothing else? Really?

Link : BBC News – High-earners turn to iPads first

postheadericon Dancing Typography: Never Gonna Give You Up

Check the link to see a lyric sheet transform amazingly into a dancing silhouette of the singer. Astonishing!

Link : Román Cortés – Dancing Typography / Never Gonna Give You Up

postheadericon CD Review: Gungfly – Please Be Quiet

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you mister Rikard Sjöblom. People who prefer listening to progressive rock may recognize this name as the 28 year-old singer, guitar player, keyboardist and writer of the band Beardfish.

Now please, ladies and gentlemen, don’t be scared and walk away because I mentioned the words “progressive rock” and “Beardfish” in one sentence. Mister Sjöblom does not deserve that. At all. Certainly not if you took the time and opportunity to listen to the album “Please Be Quiet” that he released under the name Gungfly.

Musical phenomenon

Rikard Sjöblom is a musical phenomenon. He is a master on every instrument he touches. He played practically all the instruments on the album except for a few drum and bass parts on a couple of tracks. An absolute joy to listen to. Except for the standard instruments like guitars, keys, bass and drums, he even gets away with incorporating the accordion on a few tracks.

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postheadericon Can Steve Jobs’ iPhone Walled Garden Model Stop Botnets?

On an iPhone, every app lives in its own “walled garden”. An app can only read and write files in its own document folder and cannot access the document folders of other apps or files of the core system.

Mathew J. Schwartz of InformationWeek has the opinion that this approach should be introduced in Windows as well to “gain an edge in the botnet war of attrition” as he says. And you know what? I think he is right.

If you have read the reports of Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event, you may have noticed that Apple is already heading in that direction. During the keynote, Steve Jobs introduced an app store for the Mac. I am curious if Microsoft will do the same in the future for their Windows OS.

Below the jump you will find a quote and a link to Mathew J. Schwartz complete story.

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postheadericon Oracle Wants LibreOffice Members to Leave OOo Council

This suggests that Oracle views LibreOffice as a hostile fork and will not join The Document Foundation as some had hoped. Since Oracle expressed earlier this week to keep supporting, this move is not surprising.

Link : ars technica – Oracle wants LibreOffice members to leave OOo council

postheadericon Microsoft Report Shows Massive Spike in Java Exploits

In other words: if you haven’t bothered installing updates for Java on your computer, you may actually want to do that now. Or as soon as possible…

Link : Downloadsquad – Microsoft report shows massive spike in Java exploits

postheadericon Apple Fan John Gruber: Windows Phone 7 “Really Nice” and Better Than Android

Windows Phone 7 gets quite a lot of positive responses in the media lately. The statements in this article are interesting because John Gruber has a preference for Apple products.

Link : Business Insider – Apple Fan John Gruber: Windows Phone 7 “Really Nice” …

postheadericon Oracle Continues to Support OpenOffice

Good news for the OpenOffice community.

Link : The H Open Source – Oracle continues to support OpenOffice

postheadericon Oracle Pokes Android in the Eye

Google uses Java components in their Android OS that were built by IBM. Now that IBM drops support for these components and jumps on the OpenJDK train together with Oracle, things get trickier for Google.

Link : InformationWeek – Oracle Pokes Android In The Eye

postheadericon Simple Change in Settings Pumps up Windows 7 Networks

Well, it’s worth checking this out, isn’t it?

Link : Windows Secrets – Simple change in settings pumps up Win7 networks

postheadericon iTunes Tip: Keyboard Shortcut for the Search Field

As long as I have been using iTunes on the Mac I have been looking for a keyboard shortcut that puts the cursor in the search field in the upper right corner of the iTunes window. There is absolutely no mention of this shortcut key in the help files or in the menus. Even the official keyboard shortcuts overview for iTunes on Apple’s website does not list it.

After googling for a solution numerous times, trying out lots of key combinations and asking questions on Twitter a couple of times I finally found the answer on a forum:

Command + Option + F


Update January 8th, 2011:
In the Windows version of iTunes, use


(Kudos to Stefaan for mentioning this in the comments)

postheadericon Android Ecosystem Statistics Overload

Impressive stats showing a huge number of Android phone types and OS versions used by Tweetdeck beta testers.

Link : Tweetdeck – Android Ecosystem Infoporn Overload

Update October 10th, 2011: Sadly the enormous amount of comments that could be found below the original post are lost in cyberspace after Tweetdeck moved their blog to Posterous. In the comments there was a very interesting debate going on between Android developers, lovers, haters, neutral observers and more, discussing the fragmentation of the Android platform. Some people did not see it as a problem, but others did. An interesting discussion that is unfortunately now lost forever…  🙁

A couple of the comments that I found interesting are still somewhere in the archives of my Gmail. Maybe I will put a couple of those comments in a new blog post so the discussion can continue. I would be interested in the opinions of people at this moment in time, nearly a year after Tweetdeck’s post.

postheadericon Footage Filmed by a Camera Hanging from a Weather Balloon

Here’s a very cool video that was compiled from footage from an HD camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere. The video was created by the Brooklyn Space Program: an organization formed by a group of friends in New York City interested in scientific experiments, engineering, design, and education. The group was founded by Luke Geissbühler. It took them 8 months of research and testing to pull if off.

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