iPhone 4S Already Outdated on Day of Release?

If you check the table in the article at Engadget.com linked below you’ll see that the Samsung Galaxy S2 beats the iPhonse 4S on 13 points where it comes to the hardware. That’s a not a good sign considering the iPhone 4S is not even in the shops yet. Every new Android flagship phone from Samsung, HTC, LG and other phone makers will leave the iPhone even more behind.

Link : Engadget – iPhone 4S vs. the smartphone elite: Galaxy S II, Bionic and Titan

3 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Already Outdated on Day of Release?”

  1. Apart from the fact you/they are comparing Apples and oranges, I don’t see any serious lacking aspect? In fact, it’ll rule the Galaxy and you know it, but try to deny it for your wallet’s sake 😉

    1. The article is not comparing different kinds of fruit but plain hardware specs. But you are right when you say that hardware alone is not the only factor that counts. Maybe I should have mentioned that more clearly when I wrote this blog post. But then again, we wouldn’t have this nice discussion here, right? 😉

  2. Right. Provocation rules, and I’m a sucker for biting. Used to be a sucker for specs, too. But it’s all about user experience, really.

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