A Detailed Opinion Piece on the Oracle vs. Google Lawsuit

People who are following the news on the big tech companies may have heard already about Oracle’s patent lawsuit against Google Android. I have read quite a few articles and blog posts on this subject and shared quite a few on my Twitter page in the last week.

One post by Daniel Eran Dilger on RouglyDrafted.com deserves special attention in my opinion. He knows what he is talking about when he carefully dissects every aspect of the lawsuit, the history of Google’s Android, the talks between Google and Sun, Apple’s and Microsoft’s position and lots more angles. Daniel explains everything in such a way that anyone is able to understand what’s happening. And if you want to know more details and delve deeper, then you can follow the links that are scattered around in the text.

Recommended reading!

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How Oracle might kill Google’s Android and software patents all at once

Another major war is exploding in the tech world, but alliances have shifted in interesting enough ways to ensure that this will be one of the most fascinating events ever to hit the technology world.

At issue is Oracle’s patent lawsuit against Google’s Android. Unless you look closely, this might sound like either a run of the mill patent shakedown or just an infringement case where Google will have to pay lots of money.

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