Recommended Listening: “To Infinity” by missFlag

In the “Recommended Listening” series on this blog I will write about bands and albums that are not too well-known but deserve more attention. Don’t expect elaborate reviews but short and to-the-point descriptions and characteristics of the bands and their music.

The first album I would like to present to you is the album “To Infinity” by missFlag: an alternative-rock-pop band from Jerusalem, Israel. I stumbled upon this band when browsing artists on MySpace and I immediately liked their sound. I ordered their album “To Infinity” right away and it has been a keeper ever since. Their style is related to Coldplay and Keane but these guys have definitely their own sound and quality that distinguishes them easily from both bands.

You can check out missFlag using the following links:

Below you will find two tracks of the album.

missFlag – Hidden Thieves

missFlag – Warm Touch

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    1. Hi Klaus,

      I am pretty sure you will like this album. Unfortunately it’s not available on Spotify (yet?) but you can borrow my CD for a while if you like.


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