20 Albums That Deserve Surround Mixes According to Steven Wilson

As a big fan of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson in particular I read the article that I amplify’d below with a lot of interest. I agree with Steven Wilson on almost every album that he discusses. Especially page 2 of the article looks great, which contains a couple of my favorite bands like Yes with ‘Close to the Edge’, Rush with ‘Moving Pictures’ and Pink Floyd with ‘Animals’.

Surround mixes of albums can be an awesome experience if done right and with good taste. I own a few dozen of these on DVD and the lesser known DVD-A and SACD formats. Especially the 5.1 mixes from Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson are great and are highly recommended if you like to explore the world of surrond sound.

Other surrond albums that I can recommend are ‘Aero’ (DTS) by Jean Michel Jarre, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ (SACD) by Pink Floyd, ‘A Night at the Opera’ (DVD-A and DTS) by Queen, ‘Empire’ (DVD-A and DTS) by Queensrÿche, ‘Daft’ (SACD) by The Art of Noise and ‘A Secret Wish’ (SACD) by Propaganda.

Happy reading and of course happy listening!

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20 Albums That Deserve To Be In Surround Sound

Steven Wilson reveals 20 surround mixes that should exist but don’t.

Steven Wilson keeps pretty busy with his band Porcupine Tree and various other group and solo projects. Yet he still finds time to be, among artists, the leading proponent of music in surround.

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