3-D Movies: a Blessing or a Curse to the Movie Industrie?

In the last few weeks I have read quite a few opinion pieces and news posts on the decline in visitor numbers of 3-D movies.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the DreamWorks Animation chief, spoke at the third annual 3-D Entertainment Summit last Wednesday and he said: “It is up to the film industry to maintain the audience’s trust and only put out films that look good in 3-D.” Katzenberg added that moviegoers must love 3-D, since six of the top 10 movies at the box office so far this year were 3-D releases.

What is your opinion? Is 3-D here to stay or not?

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s desperation plea: Movie biz needs to make movies that look good in 3-D

Reporters have been taking potshots at the medium for months now, with my colleague Ben Fritz pointing out that most of Hollywood’s revenue gains this year were from the sky-high prices people have to pay for 3-D films. The Wrap’s Daniel Frankel recently ran a story arguing that a decreasing amount of box-office dough was coming from 3-D screens. And I keep hearing from regular folks who have bailed out on taking their kids to see 3-D films, saying that the kids–especially the young ‘uns–hate wearing the glasses, which are irritating and give them headaches.

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