“Star Wars” Movies Start 3D Rollout in 2012

There is only one word for this news: Awesome!!!

I am a big fan of the Star Wars movies but mainly the first three movies with the second one (The Empire Strikes Back) as the highlight of the series. Considering that it will take about a year to convert a movie to 3D, I will have to wait until 2016 to see it in the movie theater. That’s more than 35 years after its first release.

Time flies!

3-D Movies: a Blessing or a Curse to the Movie Industrie?

In the last few weeks I have read quite a few opinion pieces and news posts on the decline in visitor numbers of 3-D movies.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the DreamWorks Animation chief, spoke at the third annual 3-D Entertainment Summit last Wednesday and he said: “It is up to the film industry to maintain the audience’s trust and only put out films that look good in 3-D.” Katzenberg added that moviegoers must love 3-D, since six of the top 10 movies at the box office so far this year were 3-D releases.

What is your opinion? Is 3-D here to stay or not?

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s desperation plea: Movie biz needs to make movies that look good in 3-D

Reporters have been taking potshots at the medium for months now, with my colleague Ben Fritz pointing out that most of Hollywood’s revenue gains this year were from the sky-high prices people have to pay for 3-D films. The Wrap’s Daniel Frankel recently ran a story arguing that a decreasing amount of box-office dough was coming from 3-D screens. And I keep hearing from regular folks who have bailed out on taking their kids to see 3-D films, saying that the kids–especially the young ‘uns–hate wearing the glasses, which are irritating and give them headaches.

Link : LA Times Blogs – The Big Picture