HootSuite for iPad: My New Favorite Twitter App for iPad

Until recently, my favorite Twitter client for the iPad was Tweetings for iPad. It’s a great app with many features and lots of hidden options under the surface which you learn know and appreciate as you are working with the app for a longer period of time.

But! A new Twitter app for iPad saw the light of day yesterday: HootSuite for iPad. And it rocks! It looks and feels great. And best of all: it’s free!

People that are familiar already with HootSuite on the web will be right at home in the app. You’ll instantly recognize the multi-column support, which gives me the much-needed overview of important tweets as a Twitter power user.

What I love about HootSuite for iPad are the following features:

  • Multi-account support for Twitter
  • Facebook support (FourSquare support is there as well, but I don’t use it.)
  • Having multiple columns
  • Overall look and feel of the design and the use of colors for mentions and your own updates
  • Very pretty conversations view to see the complete reply chain
  • Inline browser pane to visit links in tweets or Facebook updates
  • Message scheduling
  • Real-time Twitter search

So what are you waiting for? Go and get it! 🙂