Twitter Is Useless… But I Like It!

Sometimes someone has an idea for a website that at first glance looks incredibly useless and stupid. Take for example Twitter. What is the point of posting messages that may not exceed the number of 140 characters? I asked myself that question numerous times.

The first time I heard about Twitter was at the Adobe Live 2007 event. A couple of presenters took a sidestep in their presentations, briefly talking about Twitter, showing the site to the audience, and telling them how excited they were about it. When I looked at it I thought: “You got to be kidding me!”

A couple of months later I decided to give it a go myself and mailed a link to the website to a couple of close friends and colleagues to get them involved in my experiment. Now it’s three months later and I’m beginning to love it more and more!

I’m beginning to realize that Twittering (or Microblogging) is more interesting for me than blogging. It takes far less time and because of the short message length you are forced to get your message across in only a few words or short sentences. That can be a challenge sometime, but it is also fun to do. Especially when you have a couple of friends that you can follow and join you on Twitter.

Okay, enough about my experiences with Twitter! I am curious about your opinions now! Leave me a comment on this journal if you like. And if you’re interested you can follow my Twitter stream.

Tip for Firefox users: if you like Twitter then you will definitely like the Firefox add-on TwitterFox!
[Update: TwitterFox is now called Echofon for Firefox. The original link still works and redirects to the new site.]

(Originally posted on my journal)