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The idea for me to start a blog is definitely not new. A dear friend and co-worker of mine, Patrick Barel, knows what I am talking about. I think I talked with him about this at least five years ago. At that time we maintained a site called (which is out of service now unfortunately). On that site I was actively writing message about Oracle-related news and technologies. After doing this for a couple of years I realized that I was actually blogging. That was the first time I was thinking about starting a blog.

Thoughts about a blog were fueled again last year when I discovered WordPress. Someone I met via Twitter recommended me to check out this blogging software when I was working on a new site for my band Steem. I instantly loved it! After a lot of hard work, getting to know the software, building themes, checking out useful plugins and widgets, I finished the website in October 2009. The guitar player of my band also got very excited about WordPress and decided to start a blog called which is about guitar playing and the lifestyle that goes with it aiming at becoming a good guitar player.

And now, almost a year later, I finally created a blog for myself! Thinking up a name was maybe the hardest task. I wanted a name that identifies me and my interests and thoughts, as a brand name if you will. Next thing to worry about was creating a theme, which took me longer than I hoped. After that it was finally time to set the whole thing up, install plugins and widgets and configure the whole thing.

Starting a blog with only this introductory post was not something I was aiming for. On my profile I had written a couple of posts (or journals as they call them at with mainly concert and album reviews. Since I still like most of these posts I thought it was a good idea to breath new life into them and include them on this new blog.

That’s it for now! Enjoy your stay and hopefully I will see you again here. And if you have any thoughts or remarks you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below this post or with one of the other posts.


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